What does the record of a self-serving, ambitious politician look like? Take a look at Maria Sachs.

Under investigation:
84 Trips,
84 Lost Receipts

Maria Sachs - under investigation. Click here to read the
allegations and see all the receipts

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Sachs Rides In Style. We Pay The Price.

Limo Rides

Sachs billed taxpayers for dozens of luxury limousine rides to her house. [Florida House of Representatives & Florida Senate Travel Records, 2007-2012]

Sachs traveled in style – at taxpayer expense – with the Wall Street Limo Company, which features “Spanish and Italian speaking chauffeurs” and “the daily newspaper and weekly business, leisure and sports magazines in each vehicle” [www.wallstlimo.com]

Padding Her Resume

Maria Sachs padded her legal resume when she sought a judgeship
position in South Florida. She’s still doing it today, even after getting caught!

Resume Articles

Voting Against Our Kids


Sachs voted against $1 billion for local schools, teachers and students
[HB 5001, 2012; Miami Herald, 4/17/12]

Sachs sided with party bosses and voted against raising standards and accountability measures to improve Florida’s public schools and against empowering schools to give better pay to great teachers [SB 736, 2011]

Voting Against Common Sense

Sachs voted against balanced budgets five years in a row.
[HB 5001, 2012; SB 2000, 2011; HB 5001, 2010; SB 2600, 2009; HB 5001, 2008]


Sachs even voted against government spending caps. [SJR 958, 2011]

Say no to putting personal ambition over our future. Say NO to Sachs.
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